SF Zine Fest

Zine Fest

Although I don’t think that I know how to appreciate art itself, I do have deep respect for those who are not afraid to put themselves out there, doing what they believe in – and in today’s case, they are Zine artists. At the San Francisco Zine Fest, over 150 artists came together from all over the place to showcase their work, selling their pieces for a few bucks, and some even for free.

Maison Polygon

I came across one artist in particular that struck out to me the most – Haan from the Maison Polygon group. This artist had quite an eclectic collection. The same hands that drew a super cute, chubby platypus with a beaver for a dad and duck for a mom, also created a comic book with a storyline in which (SPOILER ALERT) a man ended up jumping off a skyscraper with his hands tied behind his back. I find it interesting that happy, jolly people can have such dark thoughts. Perhaps I can relate, or I am simply overthinking it all. What do I know about interpreting art or artists anyways. Nonetheless, this artist is very versatile and talented indeed.

Platypus Family and Callus man

Haan Lee
The artist himself displaying his work at SF Zine Fest.

I bought a few Platypus Family greeting cards because they were way too cute. If you are reading this, leave me a comment or send me a message – if I still have some cards left, I’ll mail you one 🙂

Platypus Family
Platypus Family greeting cards. Leave me a comment or send me a message, and I’ll send you one that I bought today. 🙂

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