Global Poverty and Drug Resistance

I spent some time in rural China of the Sichuan province in 2009 to learn why schistosomiasis, a waterborne parasitic disease, was endemic to certain parts of China, especially when drugs for treatment had been available for some time already. Particularly, a major concern was the possibility of drug resistance either already present or developing. This project was the most heartfelt and also experimentally most interesting research studies … Continue reading Global Poverty and Drug Resistance

Biofuels from Engineered Bacteria

Right after I graduated from college at UC Berkeley, I worked at the Joint BioEnergy Institute to hack bacteria into making jet fuel. For a year, I was engineering bacteria to produce the jet fuel precursor, pinene – one chemical reaction of two pinene molecules yields jet fuel. Bittersweetly, I left for graduate school, and the project luckily continued. Read our paper published in ACS Synthetic Biology and in … Continue reading Biofuels from Engineered Bacteria