What happens at a 3D printing convention?

What happens at a 3D printing event like the 3D Printshow? With constant visual stimulation and then furthermore being able to touch and feel everything, it was awesome. The 3D Printshow is a worldwide event, in which one was hosted in Pasadena, California. Luckily, it is where I go to school, so I was able to attend. Admission price: affordable ($32.50 for a one-day pass, $25 … Continue reading What happens at a 3D printing convention?


Utilizing the existing 3D printing infrastructure in space, AstroGro is a 3D printed pod integrated with artificial intelligence to organically grow fresh food, which will enable sustainable life. We won the 2015 NASA International Space Apps Challenge Regionals, hosted in our school-hometown of Pasadena, California and moved on to place as 1 of 25 finalists out of 949 projects in the global competition. Take it from … Continue reading AstroGro